10 facts about Nuclear Fallout!

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So even though this isn’t the most cheerful topic, with the release of the trailer for “Fallout 4” I can’t help but do some facts about Nuclear Fallout so here it is.

10 facts about Nuclear Fallout:

1)  The upper winds could carry fallout to most remote parts of the country. Small towns and rural areas many miles from the scene of a nuclear explosion may be endangered by fallout.

2) If you went into a  serious fallout area,  you have to remove your outer clothing and wash the exposed parts of you body thoroughly.

3)  only when radioactivity is present in highly concentrated amounts, such as those created by atomic and hydrogen bomb explosions, that it becomes dangerous.

4) There are 16,400 nuclear weapons on Earth today.

5) Trident is more than 1,000 times powerful than the bomb that hit Hiroshima.

6) If DC was hit by a atomic bomb more than…

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