Fact : Do you know ? Which country in the world is going to be cash less by 2020.

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As we all know that the word “capitalist” is very common in the world nowadays.
Everyone everywhere in the world wants to make money, not just money a lot of money. It doesn’t matters to them, by which mean. Many of us doesn’t care what kind of money that would be , black money or white money.


Also one more thing is common in the world that is related to money is : money forging, theft, robbery, corruption, etc.
And all of the person who are involved in such works wants only hard cash.
But do you know that there is a country in the world which is going to be cashless very soon may be in 2020.


Yes you heard me right “cashless” and cashless doesn’t mean bankrupt here.
Sweden is going to be first country in the world where transactions made by common people is mostly done by electronic medium. In a recent survey, researchers found that around 96% of Swedish people uses credit/debit/shopping cards for their daily transactions. Whether they were purchasing groceries, flowers, medicines, paying rents, using pay phone, etc.


Other countries in line are:

United States of America
South Korea

This system has not only stopped corruption, money forging, etc. but also it is eco friendly, because now these countries doesn’t need paper, trees, leaves, etc. to make paper money.
Which is good and helpful to environment also, now you know the results.
Just like these countries you can also motivate people in your country to do so and can tell them the benefits of this.

– leading to cognizance : eustat


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