Fact : Do you know ? There is no place on earth where humans don’t live with rats.

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Rat, mouse, rodents whatever you call them do you know they are the only animals after dogs which are always found with humans everywhere.


In fact, except underwater, extreme high mountains, space and moon there is no place in the universe where human has survived without a rat. Rats are also found in Antarctica.

This small creature is sometimes helpful to humans but most of the times it creates problem, precisely lots of problems, they dig in the floor, gnaw books and cloths, etc.
Do you know there are several species of rats which can dig 100s of feet in a single night.
Point to be noted, favourite time of these little monsters is the night time. 90% of their damage is done in the nights.
Although their lifespan is not too long, but their teeth never stop growing till death.
They don’t love gnawing, they do so to get rid of extra long teeth. So it doesn’t matter to a mouse, what is in his mouth it could be a wooden furniture, ceramic tile, baby toys, anything except metals.


Do you know ratsĀ  can live up to 2 months without drinking water and they are better than dogs if it comes to sniffing business. And their memory is also good in comparison to their size. A small mouse can remember every path it has travelled on through its whole life. So don’t even think that you can get rid of them easily.

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