Blogging Tips #2

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As we all know that in a debate, listening is more important than speaking. Just like it reading is more important than writing.


So if you are looking forward to write an article, in my opinion first look around the network and learn how to write because it is easy to write but difficult to attract viewers.
What generally happens is you write a lot of articles and won’t get any viewer.

Here is some tips that might help you.


1. Choose a topic, and only note down the major points that you want to write about.

2. Wait…! Don’t post your draft right now.

3. Now start reading what ever you are interested in.

4. Must read those articles which have at least 10 likes already.

5. If you too like what author has written don’t forget to mark your appreciation (as a like or comment).


6. Do follow such blogs which have a positive impression on you and check their updates regularly.

7. Do not expect a follow back from any of your interest blogs because being mean will not work here. You are a disciple here so learning should be your only ‘ karma ‘.

8. Analyse and learn from every blog that have many comments or likes because presentation of an article is most important (of course you don’t want your post to look like a dull one).

9. Limit your writing skills to a topic until right time but broaden your reading skills don’t stick to a topic while reading (explore more and more).

10. Try to communicate with other bloggers. It is good to have friends.

11. In the beginning try to post only one or two articles a week. And increase your frequency a month later according to the responses.

12. It takes time to attract viewers in the beginning so always keep calm.
And now add what ever is missing in your post (mentioned in point. 1) and publish it.

Thank you for reading, I’ll post more tips on next Sunday till then have a nice time.

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